Top 10 Customer Service Solutions for Business

Top 10 Customer Service Solutions for Business
Top 10 Customer Service Solutions for Business

The cornerstone of all successful business efforts is customer service. When you are an upcoming business fighting it out in the competitive market, delivering excellent customer service becomes the key differentiator between being a success and a failure. In today’s fast moving times, businesses need to be particularly adept at leveraging technologies in their favor to ensure that customer requirements are fulfilled appropriately, effectively and quickly. Leveraging the services of a high quality customer care call center service provider would provide you with the technological expertise needed to deliver efficient customer service.

Businesses aiming to grow fast need to make use of those customer service solutions that help them to be adaptable and responsive to customers as well as be available at all times. Using these solutions would help them communicate with their customers quickly and help to resolve complaints at the earliest.

Here are top ten customer service solutions that can be of great help to businesses in delivering a great customer experience. Doing your research properly with the help of this list can help you get hold of that software which best meets your requirements and fulfils your purpose.

  1. Zen Desk: 

    This software provider aims to bring customer service to clients by providing proactive customer service and enabling the engagement of customers. It provides multichannel ticketing system for customer queries and issues; customer self-service options are provided as well as analysis for businesses so that they can monitor their customer service performance. The help desk and customer support are stand–alone. Different pricing plans are available. It can be integrated with major business applications and is scalable for all businesses. The software can be used to cater to a wide range of industry verticals. It is web-based help desk software. It is available on all major platforms and is accessible on mobiles too.

    Ranking/Rating: 4 rating on, 4.3/5 on and Ranking of 2 on

  2. Happy Desk: 

    It is a CRM software that provides an easy and efficient way of converting customer calls and requests and automatically creating tickets for customer support. No large servers are needed for maintenance. It is also license-free. Hence, costly IT support and maintenance costs are reduced. The software enables scalable services and has automatic updates.

    The software has features that helps in efficient organization and sorting of different categories of customer issues, thus enabling faster issue resolution. A log of all actions is maintained for higher visibility. This reduces clutter. The software can be easily integrated with prominent business apps such as salesforce, sugarCRM and other similar business apps. It is available for all platforms and is particularly suitable for medium and large businesses. It is a Sass based help-desk solution.

    Ranking/Rating: gives a rating of four and half. gives it a rating of three. gives it a rank of four.

  3. Team Support: 

    It is a customer service support program suite that helps teams work better by improved communications thus enabling quicker resolution of issues. This helps the company deliver a higher quality of customer service.

    Features include ticket assignment and automation, availability of knowledge base tool for clients who want to solve their issues themselves, as well as discussion forums for agents to discuss on issues related to administration of tickets and has reporting enabled.

    The software use is enabled through payment made by a Pay per user scheme, so that companies pay as per their use; email integration is facilitated as well as integration with other popular apps.

    The software is useful for B2B companies with external customer service but can be especially useful for small businesses who want to track the whole customer-agent conversations and monitor ticket resolution.

    Ranking/Rating: 4.5 on, 4.3 on and ranks tenth position in

  4. Microsoft Dynamics CRM: 

    It is a CRM tool offers complete campaign management system in one place and hence is useful for sales and marketing teams. It also offers a complete customer management system.

    Features include: handles customer accounts to sales leads, team collaboration, generating reports that provide insights into performance of customer service and dashboards; integrates with Office 365, Power BI, Yammer, Lync, and Skype; has social listening capabilities thus enabling social conversation monitoring and tracking.

    Small businesses can make use of the customer management and marketing campaign management abilities of the tool.

    It is Cloud-based software, easy to install with no need to upgrade. The flexible services can be used from anywhere.

    Ratings/Ranking: 4.5 on, 3.5 on

  5. Fresh Desk: 

    It is top ranking CRM software that enables team members to work collectively and resolve a customer issue at the earliest.
    Features include: multichannel customer service support; user-friendly interface; customers can visualize the progress of their issue and see who is working on it; agents can easily follow up on issues even when they are handled by different agents; supports multiple work flows; affordable pricing solutions; automation of multiple work processes; self-service features available.

    It can be used by all businesses and is a cloud-based tool. It is available for Windows, Linux, and OS.

    Ratings/Ranking: five on, 4.5 on, ranked 1st on

  6. Live Chat:

    It is a CRM software that enables businesses to provide fast and efficient customer service.

    Features include multiple channels; real time monitoring of conversations; multiple ticket management; chat transcripts, highly customizable; scores well on overall and ease of use aspects; 24*7 online support

    It is suitable for all businesses. It is accessible on all devices as well as on the web.

    Ratings/Ranking: Six on, 4.5 on, ranked 1st on


    It is a cloud-based and fast customer service support system.

    Features include: universal inbox, case management, productivity tools and workflow automation  to ensure smooth management of tickets; phone and live chat customer service  as well as social media support options are available; Paid services: payment option per agent.

    IOS and android apps are available. Integration with salesforce CRM enables side by side functioning of customer support and sales functions.
    It is recommended specifically for small businesses.

    Ratings/Ranking: third rank on

  8. Click Desk:

    It is a help-desk solution for businesses to engage their website visitors.

    Features include: multiple channels of communication like email and live chat; VoIP; help desk portal enables agents to manage the callers and multiple conversations ;complaint monitoring and live chat; free and paid packages- cheaper as compared to FreshDesk but lesser number of agents available.; three types of live chat support including IM and Online support available;  web-based deployment.It is suitable for all but small businesses may find it affordable.
    Rating/Ranking: fifth rank on

  9. Spark Central: 

    It provides a very useful customer engagement platform with integrated social media CRM. The developers have created this software with a very strong focus on social media CRM so that it is useful for businesses that want to devote a considerable amount of time and money on social efforts. As many customers prefer to use social media for communicating with brands, this would be very useful CRM software to have.

    Features include engagement platform for agents to monitor social media issues and respond appropriately; reporting, analytics and collaborative tools available; tracking of social conversations; channel-neutral; strong CRM framework which includes call center management functions and knowledge base; intuitive dashboards; conversation prioritization tool; enables businesses to provide very close social media customer support services to businesses
    Large companies will find this especially useful when they have to monitor millions of social media conversations; small businesses eager to focus on social media can leverage this tool; useful for specific industry sectors. It is a cloud-based tool, available for all platforms. It is mobile-friendly.
    Rating/Ranking: eighth on

  10. Help Shift: 

    A highly useful app: the USP, being the ability to deliver customer service help on the move.

    Features include in-app messaging platform, helps communicate with customers from the mobile, simplifies communication with customers, and thus enhances the customer experience; capable of supporting image and video based messaging, customization, push notifications, paid service, localized in 34 languages, review prompts, surveys on satisfaction. Integration: supports android and OS based apps as well as HTML 5 based apps.

    All businesses can use this tool. Small businesses who want to really boost their customer service ratings may like to consider using this as a suitable app tool to increase the reach of their service.

    Some other useful customer service support solutions include Zoho, Assistly, and Omnistarlive. Zoho offers a customer service support suite called Soho support. The app includes a knowledge base that serves the customer base as well as the customer service personnel and creation of a help site that can be integrated with the suite. This is one of the fastest ways that a business can set up its online customer service portal. Both free and paid packages are available. The limitations include: no support for social media based customer service and the free plan has limited features such as a limit to the number of service requests accepted per day.

    Rating/Ranking: 10th on

Many customer service solutions are available for different kinds of businesses and organizations. Using this list will provide a starting point as to identifying the solution that best fulfils your needs. An even easier approach is to share the customer service tasks with an experienced multichannel call center support outsourcing services provider to improve and enhance the quality of your customer service.

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