What Is Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) & Its Benefits
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What Is Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) & Its Benefits

Ryan Thompson
Ryan Thompson
November 9, 2022
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November 9, 2022


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Automatic Call Distribution in telecommunications, ACD stands for Automatic Call Distributor. It is a device that accepts incoming requests, supports them according to specified conditions and passes the call to the correct person, team or IVR menu.

What's an ACD at a contact center?

In a call center an ACD system assists in the following circumstances to handle call flow and allocate calls:

  • If there is too high a call flow
  • When your Client Contact Center is down
  • When you want to treat inbound call after office hours
  • If you like to simplify the FAQs/repeat queries

There are several advantages of an automated call delivery system which helps corporations properly prepare leads and increase their bottom line. Before we outline any of those essential advantages, let's explain precisely what a method of call delivery is.

Advanced call delivery manages the task of distributing incoming calls to the best sales partners that can handle the market with the most excellent efficiency and ability. The device itself is referred to as an automatic call distributor (ACD) system that smartly allocates calls and texts based on personalized rules that a company, such as FIFO, priority or geographical location, can create. ACDs are equipped with an IVR that offers solutions for self-service and external routing to ensure callers talk to an agent in the right department to fulfill their wants. An automatic call delivery system has several benefits:

1. Quick and Smart Call Response

One of ACD's most noticeable strengths is its fast answer to voice calls. Not only does the machine respond quickly, but it also smartly routes the call through defined conditions to the right agent. This fast and smart solution allows to avoid the total time it would usually take to reply and then pass calls if the ACD system were not in operation.

ACD telephony technology provides customer satisfaction as a consequence of this. More specifically, ACD provides consumers with an opportunity to arrange a return call anytime there is a massive call volume or busy time in the middle. The system also identifies top-priority or VIP clients and routes them to their designated agent instantly.

2. To direct phone call to particular operators based on predefined requirements

Calls should be redirected to the appropriate agent or agency who is best suited to fulfill the needs of the client. Telemarketers from Mexico, for instance, would be turned to Spanish-speaking operators.

Often, calls may be redirected to agents or offices depending on the caller's dialed mobile number. E.g., if the client contacts the phone number for tech assistance, they will be directed to the office for tech assistance.

3. Overall expense reduction

With the Automated Call Routing system, the cost of moving calls through multiple agencies or agents is minimized. Besides this, the ability to get a first call response removes any need for numerous changes and adds significantly to the production of consumer service and saves costs per request.

With these incentives, the company can attract more clients within a shorter time frame and with fewer calls and transfers. Moreover, the use of cloud-based ACD reduces daily maintenance and operating costs. There is a need for fewer call lines and therefore, less staff to handle the customer service base.

4. The collection of user data

ACDs allow businesses to collect user data such as several received calls, a span of hours an operator kills on the phone with a client, the overall amount of calls (incoming and outgoing), duration of needs, processing period until the market has been replied to, and so forth.

5. Getting access your Voicemail

Customers want their company to be available round the clock for assistance. They aren't troubled by time-zone restrictions, working hours, weekends, etc. To put it another way, the call center would work 24 * 7 * 365. Sounds impossible, doesn’t it?

Maybe not so if your phone device Automatic Call Distributor is available for Voicemail. Voicemail lets the callers leave their agents with a voice file. ACD enables you to set up personalized Voicemail good wishes and guidance to tell your callers how to register their response. Say, "please leave a note just after the beep." Also, the device will instruct the user which attachment to use and make sure that the Voicemail reaches a particular person or team with whom they wish to communicate.

6. Advanced Branding

Without doubt, a key weapon for branding every company is improved customer interactions. When consumers get preferential care from an organization and have their complaints addressed at the first attempt, it encourages them either to support that business by talking about them and then other citizens or by providing positive feedback.

ACD helps agents to tailor caller engagement by offering a conveniently in-depth client record, as well as information of past interactions. After that, when an agent calls a customer by their first name and appears to remember their prior conversations without hesitation, the customer feels important and will most likely become such an unpaid envoy.

7. Automatic retry call

An ACD phone system allows callers to order a call back from an individual with which they wished to chat. Although Freida is jumping from one destination to another, she will not be able to continue to contact the call center until the call is transferred. Instead, by creating an automated callback order, she can contact the customer to call her back.

Agents will be alerted when a new callback request is generated on their dashboard. If they have finished their current calls, they will opt to return the requests.


As described above, the advantages explain the value of making use of technical advances such as Automated Call Routing in industry. Trying to take advantage of a structure which promotes outstanding customer service is a smart decision for any organization able to stand out and retain a competitive advantage in its market environment given the intense competition which affects all lines of companies.

To make the most of ACD by adopting it in your processes effectively, you should consider collaborating with us at Invensis Technology.

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