Call Center Infrastructure at Invensis

Our robust and state-of-the-art infrastructure is at the base of our entire call center process. Our organization adheres to the global standards with regards to employee safety, security and training, protection against natural disasters and excellent backup plan in case of major power outage.

Our infrastructure comprises of:

Power Connectivity

We have made excellent arrangements to provide 24/7 services with respect to power connectivity. We know that businesses get hampered with a power failure and we have ensured that there are 3 levels of power source if there is a power outage for a long time. We have a generator which stores primary energy and acts as a failsafe if there is a power outage and if the generator fails then we have our UPS network center. All of our power devices have dual power supply and are fed via independent power paths.

Excellent Disaster Recovery Management

In case of any unforeseen circumstances, Invensis will resume operations in less than 4 hours by shifting its operations at its secondary / backup location which is the disaster recovery site enabling Invensis to provide seamless and uninterrupted services.

Our Network infrastructure

Our call center has excellent redundancy architecture and adopts a 3-tier technology for our call center network infrastructure with Gateway Nodes, ACD Nodes and Central Management Server.

Inbound Voice

We provide our call center inbound solution which is based on Cisco Internet Protocol Contact Center (IPCC). The Cisco IPCC ensures that the customers can contact via multiple mediums such as phone, web chat or email.

Outbound Voice

Our call center infrastructure has distributed dialer architecture and is integrated with Cisco voice solution. Our predictive dialer has 2:1 pacing and real time calling list along with preview modes of dialling, rule based dialling with rules like LIFO and FIFO instantaneously applicable, Time zone based dialling etc.

At Invensis, we deploy CC software services for our contact capture and quality monitoring.

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