Call Center Security Process

Outsourcing call center operations to an external location has increasingly become an important business strategic tool for organizations across the globe. But many organizations have apprehensions about outsourcing, as they are worried about their security of their customers' data. We, at Invensis, have robust security and privacy policies in place that strengthen the overall call center security process of our IT infrastructure from cybercrime threats.

We follow globally-adopted best practices in our call center security operations which ensure that your data is secure with us. In fact, we help enterprises to assess their existing security policies while outsourcing and check for any vulnerability and help them in establishing robust security policies.

We understand that call center security is a critical aspect for high-performing businesses across the globe

By using our in-depth industry knowledge we provide customized call center security grid which consists of unified solutions that addresses the unique needs of your business. Our broad based call center security process incorporates every security component to provide you a solid cost effective approach.

As call center operations consists of entry portals for employees, knowledge management systems, and email etc. All of these constitute to be a probable vulnerability for an enterprise. With our call center security protocols we support next gen business challenges. We also provide remote access to your company's assets in a secure network which helps to increase productivity and reduce operating cost.

We offer business critical services to our customers while planning outsourcing partnerships which includes:

Call Center Security process at Invensis

In the face of increasing cyber crimes across the globe, it is of supreme importance to address the call center security needs. Today, the call center security process will comprise an integrated security architecture which is designed and deployed in compliance with complex security requirements.

Designing security solutions that meets regulatory compliance is of paramount importance, as this can be proactively managed to maintain business reliability. With our comprehensive security solutions, we not only assess our customer's enterprise physical infrastructure but also provide an integrated solution that meets call center security requirements.

We help our customers with a well established call center security plan which includes:

At Invensis, we proactively monitor and manage our security measures through incident handling, security team, security architecture review, penetration testing and through vulnerability updates and patches.

Our well established call center security infrastructure includes:

Invensis Technologies deploys a robust security management program which helps to:

We provide our customers the most comprehensive security measures with regards to their call center services. In fact, we help our customers to plan, select, design, implement and then manage security as per their business needs which in turn help them to maintain business efficiency and increase employee productivity.

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