Key Benefits of Call Center Outsourcing

Key Benefits of Call Center Outsourcing

In the last couple of decades there has been a significant rise in outsourcing non-core work to an external offshore location. According to Deloitte's 'Global Outsourcing and Insourcing' report, the main reason behind this move has been largely economic, as offshoring offers competitive price point, and businesses can focus on core strategic competencies. Though there is a small growing reversal trend where enterprises previously outsourced their functions are bringing it back to their country, but only 16% of respondents are taking back their work and remaining 84% of respondents want to benefit from the advantages offered by call center outsourcing.

Addresses rising customer support demands

Lately customers are demanding round the clock support anytime, anywhere and on any device. Setting up an in-house call center operation is both time consuming and is very expensive, on top of it providing round the clock and after hour support is not a realistic option for many enterprises across the globe. Call center outsourcing service providers who have their delivery centers across the globe can provide you the service that 'follows the sun' with multi-channel support systems and deliver value by increasing customer satisfaction.

Addresses peak volume overflow

According to ISG's 'Peak time for contact center outsourcing' report, enterprises are unable to handle peak volume overflow, which is resulting in unsatisfactory customer services over a period of time which is hurting their business. By outsourcing your call center services to an external location you can ensure that it addresses this problem. With improved services levels offered by call center outsourcing providers, enterprises can focus on their core competencies and improve their performance in the global market.

Cost reduction potential

A complex economy coupled with growing business across geographies and increasing customer base has given a clear indication for contact center operations: the conditions are clearly favorable for call center outsourcing buyers. There is a high internal operating cost and less than optimal call center agent productivity at many enterprises that is turning the tide in favor of outsourcing. In fact, offshoring call center operations to countries like India, Philippines, Poland, Costa Rica, Sri Lanka etc can save close to 50% of operating cost. Today, call center outsourcing is not just about saving money, it is a strategic tool for enterprises to power the 21st century global economy.

Provides specialized industry knowledge

Call center outsourcing providers have in-depth knowledge of providing services to various industries. The key personnel working for these outsourcing vendors will be able to provide valuable insights and apply proven strategies, which only comes with years of experience. With the help of advanced technologies and call center analytics, they can provide a personalized customer service of highest quality.

Better cost management

On many occasions an in-house call center service is subject to low volumes. This is a costly proportion for enterprises where there is no guarantee of profitability. By outsourcing your call center operations to an offshore location, you can work with flexible pricing options and manage your costs better. Vendors usually work on cost per transaction (CPT) model and to ensure profitability they have placed robust tools to precisely measure per-call costs. This level of cost management helps enterprises to evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and their overall operations.

Helps to convert call center data into actionable insights

By outsourcing your call center operations you are not only saving cost, but also capturing the data on various fronts. Outsourcing vendors know the importance of the data and they can turn that data into actionable insights that help in improving the clients' processes. In fact, the key aspect in providing a great customer experience is to anticipate their needs and this can be done via converting call center analytics in to actionable insights.

Get access to multiple digital engagement platforms

Gone are the days where call center operations solely depended on phone calls. Today, they provide multi-channel support system and provide touch points across all digital mediums such as email, web chat, IVR touchtone, social media, SMS, Smartphone application, IVR speech, video chat and more. It is this holistic approach by call center outsourcing vendors that is driving many enterprises to look for an external service provider. Moreover, businesses that provide multi-channel support enjoy twice the customer satisfaction year on year. It is highly impossible to get this kind of advantage in-house at a competitive price point.

It's been more than 20 years that enterprises started outsourcing their call center operations to an offshore location and the growth seems to continue on a positive trend. Though there was slight apprehension in the past, but today there is a growing acceptance from enterprises across the globe towards outsourcing customer service operations to an offshore location to avail the benefits that it brings with it.

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