Data Validation and Cleansing Call Center Outsourcing Services

Over time, it is inevitable that the information of customers of your business will alter, whether due to a change in address or a multitude of other reasons. Regularly updating databases is crucial for avoiding data duplication and maximizing productivity. Maintaining an accurate database is also essential for driving well-targeted marketing activities. However, this activity can be resource intensive and a distraction from core business goals. Outsourcing data cleansing and validation services to Invensis Technologies, a leading Call Center Outsourcing Services company, is a cost-effective solution to ensure that you get the most out of your marketing efforts.

Invensis has greater than 20 years' experience in delivering high quality outsourced data cleansing and data validation services. Our data validation and cleansing experts can detect and rectify any incorrect or inaccurate data contained within your database, to enhance the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and your return on investment. A clear, succinct and precise database will allow you to effortlessly promote your product or service to potential customers.

Data Validation and Cleansing Call Center Outsourcing Services

Outsource Data Cleansing and Data Validation to Invensis and Keep your Valuable Information Up-to-Date

Outsourcing data cleansing services to Invensis will surely help to increase the accuracy and reliability of your business data. Here are some of the functions we provide as part of our outsourced data cleansing and data validation services:

Gender Standardization: Confirming the gender and correct title (for instance: Mr, Mrs, Dr.) of contacts within your database.
Database Verification: Validation of the accuracy of customer information, including address, mobile and home telephone numbers, and residential or business identification. Removal of redundant and incomplete data.
Standardization of Address: Adjusting both residential and business addresses to abide by USPS (United States Postal Service) requirements, or that of other geographical locations.
Complete Data Cleansing Services: Through our contact center, we can implement Data Appending, Email Validation Services and Phone Validation Services for your business.

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