5 Most Common Call Center Challenges and How to Fix Them


Call Center Challenges and Solutions

Every call center manager balances many things at the same time on a day-to-day basis, from accomodating evolving customer expectations and managing attrition troubles for the call center. In 2018, 80.6 percent of companies believed low budget issues hamper the call center’s growth. So, managers need to find cost-effective ways to tackle challenges in call center issues successfully to avoid long-term detrimental effects. In this article, we identify and solve the top 5 contact center challenges every call center is bound to face.

Top 5 Call Center Challenges and Solutions

1. High Attrition Rate

Similar to other mass recruiters, call centers face higher attrition due to a variety of factors. Cramped-up spaces, attending calls with frustrated customers, low pay, and minimal benefits make call center jobs highly undesirable. Due to these reasons, many agents don’t aspire to stay in the field for a longer-term. A LinkedIn report states that a call center job is undesirable, mainly due to the low wages. However, aspirational agents find the monotonous job nature and the lack of a learning curve extremely discouraging. As a consequence, call center employees perform badly, burnout easily, and reduce turnover swiftly.

How to Fix Attrition in Call Center

Recognize and Reward

Most call center agents rarely connect with their superiors to update their progress or performance. Not being recognized for their stellar work discourages the already-stressed agent. Identifying, acknowledging, and incentivizing their good work strengthens the agent-manager relationship. Hence, managers create a positive and growth-oriented environment for their agents.

Control and Training

To use your skilled agents well, they should be able to handle conversation successfully and gain customer trust. Hence, managers should consider moving away from traditional training methods to improve their agent’s efficiency. Teach your agents to add value to the company by communicating in a customer-centric long-term fashion.

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2. Less Customer Satisfaction

20 to 30 percent of calls that call centers get are callbacks made due to unresolved problems. Even if most dissatisfied customers never call and leave silently, taking care of those who call is extremely important. By resolving these issues over a single call, customer satisfaction shoots up, and the brand retains a valuable client. However, not dealing with these issues well can cause serious harm to the company. You’ll need seven good reviews to compensate for a single bad one. Customers appreciate good after-sales service and faster resolution and reward their loyalty for it. Hence, companies cannot miss out on this parameter.

How to Improve Customer Satisfaction in Call Center

Provide IVR Facilities

With interactive voice response, you can provide a personalized chat experience that improves customer satisfaction levels. Through IVR, you can collect all the necessary information and analyze the problem before tagging it to a specific agent. The call center agent can then pick up the data and begin resolving the issue quicker. In the long-term, agents reduce the resolution time and attend to a higher call volume. Furthermore, you can use an advanced system to prioritize high-value customers and reduce their waiting time.

Customer Surveys

Seek out feedback from your customers to identify the gaps in your call center processes. This way you put the spotlight on them and uncover valuable insights about your products, services, and agents.

Reassess your KPIs

Ensure your KPIs are aligned with the larger customer satisfaction goal. Setting strict time deadlines with your employees to finish the call may backfire on the resolution goals. Instead, choose metrics that improve the customer experience.

3. Need for Better Technology

63 percent of call centers believe virtual assistants and chatbots improve customer experience. Contact centers thrive on technologies like predictive dialers, CRM databases, and workforce management (WFM) tools to go through all processes well. However, not upgrading this infrastructure poses serious trouble in the growth of your call center. Managers often find it difficult to pick the right technology to implement. Moreover, every new technology needs to be integrated with the existing systems to provide a complete solution. Seamless integration of these tools is critical to improving your call center services.

How to Improve Call Center Performance through Technology

While choosing technology, always make a good business case by analyzing the pros and cons of the tool. You also might want to understand if the tool integrates well with your present technology. Be clear on your needs and wants, and don’t compromise on your basic requirements. Ideally, you should consider cloud services for faster integration and reliable service.

4. Conflicting Business Priorities

A call center may have multiple priorities that directly contradict each other. The senior management needs to clarify which goal to prioritize over the other. Furthermore, they need to communicate this data with the operators effectively. For example, you could focus on customer satisfaction and cost-cutting. However, these goals often oppose each other, and so, it can confuse the agents.

How to Manage Conflict Within a Call Center

Urge your senior management to make a priority list in the order of importance. Also, try to align your services according to other department’s focuses and values. Hence, you’ll create a consistent experience for all your customers. After making the list, eliminate any ill-defined contradictory priorities that don’t align with your organizational goals. Then, assign authorities in the firm to ensure operations align with these well-defined business priorities.

5. Difficult to Boost Performance

Call centers need to hit their targets and satisfy their clients the best way possible. After some time, you reach a comfortable position and realize the need to push your staff for better performance. However, most managers don’t know how to elevate their staff’s performance. 

How to Boost Call Center Agent Performance

Reward Good Behavior

Using a reward system is a great way to boost growth and efficiency in your employees. You can use metrics on various difficulty levels to measure and incentivize your agents well. So, find out what excited your team and use it to motivate them.

Upgrade your Quality Assurance Software

With efficient software, you can easily measure, train, and motivate your agents from the same dashboard. Its unique insights uncover any areas of improvement and customize your training.

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While countering contact center operational challenges, always remember to focus on empowering your agents and your technology. We’re certain customer satisfaction will follow.

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