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Are you struggling to manage the billing and coding needs of your orthopedic practice efficiently? Is this struggle leading to claims delays or denials? You will need a specialized billing partner to address these recurring challenges. We provide HIPAA-compliant orthopedic medical billing services to ensure accurate billing and timely reimbursement for the services rendered.


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How We Streamline Orthopedic Medical Billing For Your Practice

Our services are tailored to meet the unique billing needs for orthopedic surgeries, joint replacement surgery, arthroscopic surgery, fracture repair, spinal surgery, osteotomy, and more. We cover end-to-end billing for these services, including coding and billing to electronic claims processing and payment processing. Our services comply with various regulations such as HIPAA and coding mandates set by AMA and AAPC. Here are the steps we follow to streamline your billing service:

  • Integrate digital tools such as EDI, EHR, EMR, and PCS with orthopedic billing technology ecosystem to obtain real-time patient data for seamless electronic claims processing.
  • Verify the patient's insurance coverage (provider information, registration numbers, effective dates, expiration dates, provider address, etc.) before scheduling the appointment. 
  • Fulfill pre-authorization needs from insurance payers before the orthopedic practice starts attending patients. This step is crucial to avoid any payment and reimbursement-related confusions after the medical procedure is done.
  • Conduct real-time claims scrubbing to ensure billing codes accuracy (10021-69990 CPT code range, ICD-10, HCPCS Level II Codes, DRG codes, Evaluation and Management (E/M) Codes, revenue codes, and others).
  • Submit clean claims to insurance payers such as government programs (Medicare, Medicaid), private insurance companies (Aetna, Anthem, Humana), Workers' Compensation, Tricare, Veterans Affairs (VA), Self-Pay, etc.
  • Adhere to pertinent regulatory guidelines while handling various billing models, including value-based payment, fee-for-service, capitation, episode of care, telehealth etc.
  • Perform a comprehensive claims review by analyzing Explanation of Benefits (EOBs), identifying reasons for denials, resolving any disputes, and initiating the appeals process when necessary.
  • Analyze EOBs to calculate and report out-of-pocket expenses such as deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance to avoid any unbilled payments from the patients.

Our Comprehensive Orthopedic Medical Billing Services

  • Insurance verification and eligibility checking
  • Coding and documentation review
  • Claims Submission
  • Electronic Payment posting
  • Denial management
  • Accounts receivable (A/R) and follow up
  • Patient billing and collections
  • Credentialing and enrollment services
  • Compliance and regulatory support

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During your consultation, some of the issues we can discuss are:

  • The current orthopedic billing services for your practice.
  • Inefficiencies and challenges in the current process and how we help you overcome them.
  • How do we use AI-based automated billing and advanced strategies to reduce errors and boost efficiency?
  • Latest trends and technologies we adopt in medical billing to enhance productivity.

Step-by-step process for Orthopedic Billing Services
Step-by-step process for Orthopedic Billing Services

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Why Choose Our Orthopedic Medical Billing Services?

We are a seasoned orthopedic billing service provider with more than 24 years of experience in assisting various orthopedic medical centers. This includes general orthopedic centers, specialized orthopedic clinics (arthroscopy, joint replacement, fracture fixation, orthopedic surgery, cartilage restoration, osteotomy, physiotherapists, musculoskeletal system), orthopedic research institutes, sports medicine clinics, and others. We built a team of experts consisting of CPC-certified coders, CPB-certified billers, CPMA-certified auditors, RCM specialists, AR specialists, etc, to deliver our services. The joint effort of our team has helped our orthopedic clients maintain a near 98% clean claims rate, up to a 45-day reduction in A/R days, denials below 8%, and an estimated 95% net collection rate (NCR).


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What Our Customers Say

We have been working with Invensis for the past two years, and they have helped us overcome many revenue cycle management challenges. The team often walks the extra mile to ensure that our needs are met.

Christina Sussex
Leading Healthcare Provider in France

Invensis has been our revenue cycle management healthcare outsourcing partner for the past 5 years. They have always delivered on their commitments, whether it is meeting our Service Level Agreement (SLA) or improving our billing process.

Christopher Middleton
Leading Healthcare Company in US

Invensis has been a great partner providing quality medical coding and billing services. The team is extremely responsive to every query we pose, and the turn-around time for deliverables is always as committed.

Chris Lauren
Leading Healthcare Company in US

What Our Customers Say

We are thrilled with the impeccable chiropractic billing services offered by Invensis. Their comprehensive knowledge of the industry, prompt claims processing, and meticulous attention to detail have immensely benefited our healthcare reimbursements. Highly commendable!

Star IconStar IconStar IconStar IconStar Icon
John Davis
Leading Healthcare Company in the UK.

We are extremely pleased with the exceptional hospital billing services provided by Invensis. Their expertise and attention to detail in Medicare billing and compliance in medical billing have streamlined our revenue cycle and improved financial performance.

Star IconStar IconStar IconStar IconStar Icon
Emily Johnson
Leading Hospital in the US.

Invensis has been an invaluable partner for our organization, providing exceptional ASC billing services. Their expertise and dedication have significantly improved our revenue cycle management. Highly recommended!

Star IconStar IconStar IconStar IconStar Icon
Sarah Smith
Leading Healthcare Provider in Italy.

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