Customs Brokerage Services – Importance of NAFTA in B3 Form Generation

The procedure of customs clearance of imported/exported goods through borders and check-posts is termed as Customs Brokerage service. Customs clearance is done via a certified copy of Canadian customs coding Form B3. The B3 Form is generated based on the Importer’s identification, tariff classification, tariff treatment, duties and taxes calculation and the accuracy declaration, to analyze the value of cargo which are imported for commercial usage in Canada. The goods are later released under CBSA security bond. The CBSA (Canada Border Service agency) is a Canadian federal law enforcement agency which is responsible for exports and imports of goods.

NAFTA Certificate Verification

NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) is an agreement between the countries – Canada, Mexico and United States of America. The certificate needs to be submitted at the time of B3 Form processing. Without a valid certificate the firms are strictly not allowed to run their business in a duty free zone. Any release of shipment without producing a NAFTA certificate is severely penalized by CSCB (Canadian Society of Customs Brokers).

For every US, Mexico and Canadian company, the NAFTA certificate verification services are conducted on a mandatory basis as a part of B3 Form building processing, availing benefits of free trade with companies of other neighboring countries. Once the information about the tariff, goods cash discounts, and other related data are clear, the data entry into B3 Form begins. The B3 customs entry processing helps customs brokerage outsourcing companies to ensure final accounts of the goods and other invoice details for each shipment, thereby allowing free movement of raw materials through Canadian customs without any trouble.


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